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مشکلات سیستم تهویه مطبوع
There are different types of air conditioners, so their problems are different. These problems may not overlap in most air conditioning systems, so try to focus on the main system.   Common problem for fan systems: Airflow The fans are installed in the air conditioning systems to load the air and do their work based
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اسید شویی چیلر
The work of chillers is based on the phase change of a solution. Therefore, in the process of evaporation of the refrigerant solution and water, there is a possibility of deposition of other materials on the site. The water circulating inside the chiller is not without impurities. Especially in the condenser section, as the refrigerant
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دریچه کولر و تهویه مطبوع
Low air quality, especially in cold seasons, puts the health of people living in a room at greater risk. Dry skin, shortness of breath, colds and allergic symptoms are exacerbated by such situations. But with a simple device and place it in the workplace or at home, you can provide better air to breathe. Airwasher
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نمای داخلی برج خنک کننده
Performance is an important part of the water used in the cooling industry. Cold water is a spring and takes calories from a hot water source. Calorie change or heat transfer usually occurs above the metal surface without contact with hot and cold welding. This process requires cooling of the cooling tower. There are 3