SSJ Eng. Company started its activity in 2005 based on selling HVAC systems in the Iran market. From 2005 to 2018 we provided more than 150.000 USRT Cooling capacity, chillers for about 600 Projects and about 100.000 Fan coil units and air handling units were supported to the projects. we provide our customers world best brands. From America, Europe and Asia; we partnered with York, Century Yair, Chigo, Foundation, Maxa, Hitachi and so on. Technically we negotiate with clients and offer the best solutions for their projects and if they need, we will suggest more selections, Since we know all brands weaknesses and advantages. The best selection is based on both quality and price and we are able to provide both of them for clients. We have good experiences in opting for the optimum HVAC system for the projects according to their conditions through the best and luxurious brands or good and normal brands from professional companies around the world. Also, we have Prepared an after-sales team to support our projects technically. They will be updated with new products every year, from the factories of our partners.

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Dr.Atefe Amir Jamshidi


Seyed Mostafa Mehrjo

Chairman of the Board

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